• Consultancy, training and coaching to make Companies grow

Our company

ActitudPro is a consultancy, training and coaching firm dedicated to supporting companies in the key business processes: Teams, Marketing and Commercial Excellence. Consisting of professionals with recognized experience from diverse Business Schools, in Human Resources, Commercialization and Marketing, our teams work on made-to-measure solutions in order to achieve greater cohesion and implication in groups, boost sales and develop business opportunities.


The weight of experience is a key element in order to face future challenges. We are professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the sector of consultancy in management, training and coaching, for all kinds of organizations.

Multi-competence approach

Good ideas, and their results, arise when different professional profiles with experience in different areas of knowledge are brought together. The intervention of multi-specialist consultants is fundamental in order to resolve complex situations.

Putting theory into practice

Several of our members are professors in Business Schools and universities that are also, in turn, in contact with companies as consultants. Knowing how to put this theory into practice, ensuring that the transfer of the contents makes our clients autonomous, is key.

Independence and Family

We are an independent family company that does not belong to any business groups and is not related to any entities. Our team is our greatest potential and we make every effort to achieve sustainable business success.

International Presence

ActitudPro has worked in more than 20 countries since it was founded. ActitudPro has physical presence in Europe and Latin America and has a team that consists of consultants from all around the globe in order to ensure global strategy and local implementation.