Digital Academies

In order for individuals and organisations to benefit from all the opportunities of digital transformation, ActitudPro initiates and develops digital academy projects, in which we are able to take responsibility for both the platform and its development and content.

In the digital academies, we help people and organisations to develop fundamental knowledge, mindsets and skills online in a structured way to achieve measurable and sustainable business impact.

ActitudPro is also a leader in helping companies develop digital sales academies for salespeople and the processes needed to ensure knowledge transfer, according to the defined competency map.

We also help our clients to identify the LMS that best suits their company’s characteristics.


Training sector 200 employees. Creation of a digital academy to ensure that new recruits have the content they need to do their jobs properly.

Call centre sector 50 employees. Implementation of a digital academy so that new recruits have access to the recorded content of the success stories and can access them in a simple and recurring way.

Industrial sector (plastics processing). 400 employees. Construction of a digital academy for the different employees, establishing their training plans, in accordance with the competency route established by HR. Setting up the pedagogical animation and monitoring the implementation of the courses.


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