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For Marketing Strategies

What is for?

  • To help narrow the Directorate General product positioning in the market and other decisions of the marketing strategy.
  • Choose the marketing strategy, the value proposition choosing the appropriate distribution channels.
  • Design the content and format of communication to potential customers.
  • Helping management to prioritize investments in sales and marketing for effectiveness.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Market analysis techniques to understand the perceptions and meanings that customers place on a product.
  • Benchmarking with competitors.
  • Specific models to adequately convey the briefing communications agencies.
  • Analysis of the organization and current market structure to identify the keys to successful marketing.
  • ProjectPro project management methodologies to ensure visibility by management.
  • Analysis of types of customers for effective market segmentation.
  • Surveys of product acceptance.
Characteristics of the process Benefits for the Company
  • Gradual definition and implementation of the marketing plan.
  • Ensure maximum effectiveness of all actions taken.
  • Expand the range of business knowledge from our experience in other companies and sectors.
  • Identification of proven best in the market with similar projects in other companies practices.
  • Adapting the terminology of the customer with the sales pitch.
  • Maximize the impact of customer communication.
  • Creating a business plan that addresses the most profitable investments.
  • Minimize the maximum risk of the investments the company makes.

Other Expected results

Getting the general direction to be able to commit to the project and new business opportunities.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 90%

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Energy Sector 800 employees. Sessions support the overall direction for establishing commercial monitoring strategy.
  • Information Technology Sector 60 employees. Benchmarquing and implementation of various working sessions with business management to boost the position from the point of view of Marketing.
  • Tourism Sector. 200 employees. Defining the direction of the value proposition and how to configure it according to the competition, and how to publish it. Preparation of various scenarios identified, depending on the possible choices made.