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Retail Coaching

What is for?

  • Define the management of an establishment (store manager, supervisor …) what values​​, systems of work, what style of communication and what language they will use their vendors to share with your customer “moments of truth”.
  • To develop the model of bottom-up organization, so that the company’s focus on the end customer.
  • Empower the individual relationship that retail seller can establish with the client in their consumer experience.
  • To give the seller of a range of resources to achieve a memorable shopping experience.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Designing KPIs, specific to Retail: margin, sales in euros, number of buyers, resulting in flow shop, outdoor flow front of the store.
  • Evolution of indicators for each vendor.
  • Standards of sale, ie, laws that by all sellers (Book Retail Coaching) should be performed.
  • MARS model formulation of objectives.
  • Some NLP techniques.
  • The 8C’s + 1: Sales techniques relative.
  • Marketing at the point of sale.
Characteristics of the process Benefits for the Company
  • It works at the level of management, store managers and area manager.
  • Drive sales implemented in all stores “the best way to sell”.
  • It works at the level of sellers.
  • Commit them with change.
  • Emphasis is placed on effective communication and proper way to give positive / negative feedback from store managers or area manager.
  • Encourage potential as sellers so they can identify strengths and areas for improvement and can apply them at work.
  • The focus is on the vendor-customer relationship and the elements involved to bring a unique experience.
  •  Caring in the customer relationship and promote future loyalty to it.

Other Expected results

  • Getting a shop project defined by the top management and implant.
  • The customer buying environment is controlled (vendors and point of sale).
  • Process that manages to engage all involved: seller, store manager and manager of chain stores.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 40%

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Telecommunications Sector. 30,000 employees. Performing a set of activities aimed at developing the distribution channel stores telecommunications. Having defined the ideal customer aisle, it was carrying out its implementation.
  •  Retail Fashion Clothing Sector. 2,500 employees. 300 franchises located throughout the world. Development of a set of actions to implement the systematic sale defined in one of the countries insignia.
  •  Cosmetics Sector. Performing a set of Mystery shopping to evaluate the quality of exposure, accompanied by training projects to implement the gaps identified at the level of Mystery shopping.