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Operative marketing

What is for?

Improve the competitive position in existing markets.
Using communication to achieve market shares preset.
Define promotions and help its implementation in accordance with the established positioning.
Structuring the concept of product lines and families in accordance with the defined position.
Launching new products and services
Identification of strategic partners and suppliers to provide new value to the product concept.
Ensure that management point of sale is made in accordance with the guidelines of trade marketing.
Creation and control of marketing and sales budgets

What tools are commonly used?

  • Preparation of briefings face Advertising (print, radio, television, internet, etc.)
  • Preparation of briefings face to online advertising
  • Brochures Brieafings.
  • Access panels and studies to identify business opportunities in both pricing and promotions
Characteristics of the process Benefits for the Company
  • Made by experts with experience in various sectors that have invested Marketing budgets.
  • Experience in what works and what does not in communication for various sectors.
  • External resources highly skilled in traditional operating Mk, and online sales.
  • Cost savings by using such specialized only part-time resources.
  • Quantification of expected impacts after each action.
  • Knowledge of financial payback after each action.
  •  Professional dialogue ahead of the transmit breafing.
  • Major business vision in actions that are performed.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 130% of the investment value.

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Security Sector. 600 employees. Implementation of a Business Project Office for the implementation of operational marketing developing.
  •  Food Sector. 90 employees. Performing a set of actions for ensuring the operational marketing.
  •  Steel Sector. 400 employees. Introduction and implementation of online marketing campaigns and the process for capturing leads.