• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Coaching Commercial Manager

What it for?

  • Enhancing the professional development of Commercial Director to get extraordinary results from a team of ordinary people.
  • Design a action plan in order to guide best professional results, specifically at the level of your sales team.
  • Improve their skills since the role of organizer, planner and leader of a sales team.
  • Identify strengths from those which exert a more effective role and identify barriers to achieve them.
  • Maximize your development integrating different areas of the life of commercial manager and values.

What tools are commonly used?

  • The Wheel of Life to explore in the initial phase of the coaching situation in the areas of life: balance personal life / career, leisure, personal development.
  • The Wheel of management competences to explore their different skills: communication, decision making, results, risk, team development, change management …
  • The Coaching Game to explore different areas of our life, infusing fresh air, funny process, dodging customer logic and expand its own viewpoint.
  • Life ecology to explore the initial phase of the coaching at client present time, especially contact with the most important personal values.
  • Examination questionnaires prior to the coaching session for professional, personal and value-based aspects of the client.
  • Test InsightsPro: a report on customer behaviour, motivators / values ​​and skills for self-knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

Characteristics of the process

Benefits for the Company

  • It has a confidential and secure environment created by the coach.
  • Ensuring confidence to move quickly in a safe environment.
  • Self-awareness generator of the current state of the executive and its ideal state.
  • Faster-taking on the change integration.
  • Allows to prioritize current areas of personal and professional development.
  • Impact on organizational performance results.
  • Allows self-knowledge of one’s own values ​​and how these can be integrated professionally.
  • Achieve a stronger commitment of the Manager to the Company, which will result in better performance.
  • Implement actions, some of them challenging for the manager.
  • Fast integration of the organization changes.

Other expected results:

  • Greater satisfaction and fun in the workplace, which will impact on performance improvement.
  • Use personal and professional resources in a conscious way.
  • Flexibly in front of changing situations with a consequent quick adaptability.

Expected Yeld:

Estimated ROI of 50% , induced by the team effectivity impact.

Verifiable Success Cases  

  • Industrial Sector. 120 employees. Process of 11 sessions oriented to improve the interpersonal skills to work better to lead the Commercial Sales Team Manager.
  • HORECA Sector. 200 employees. Process of 14 sessions to Sales Director based on 2 areas for improvement: (1) achieve effective time management and (2) develop communication skills, monitoring and evaluation with the sales team.
  • Steel distribution sector. 100 employees. Process of 12 sessions to the Chief Sales to develop emotional skills related to leadership of his team.