• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Support in improving sales teams

What it is for?

  • Getting to maximize profitability and net sales by sales man.
  • To ensure that all the key moments of the sales process are well developed by the sales force.
  • To identify areas for improvement and make them aware of the ideal target level.
  • To define individual action plans and get sales man to develop the moments of truth effectively.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Advanced InsightsPro: questionnaire to assess (1) behaviour, with its strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and to motivate key; (2) values​​, with the compliance with the requirements for a commercial and motivate key profile; (3) Skills and abilities to know the pattern of decision-making.
  • CompePro: system of professional and selling skills to identify strengths and improvement elements of the business skills points.
  • Roleplaying to monitor how the skills used in business situations and develop specific trade skills.
  • Acompañamientos comerciales: to identify behaviours associated with commercial band stages and moments of truth and then make a “coaching on the road”.
Process characteristics Benefits involved for Business
  • Identify any gaps between current and ideal moments of truth situation.
  • Ensure that sales man sell more by improving their business skills
  • Personalized action plan will be designed for each sales man. 
  • Obtain commitment from sellers with the implementation of actions.
  • Working group workshops will be conducted to practice business skills. 
  • Sales mans with a high level of mastery of business skills
  • In situ feedback will be given for commercial accompaniments.
  •  Integration of learning durably.

Other results expected
Get a set of good practices by sellers and get these themselves can transmit it to the rest.

Expected Yeld:

Estimated ROI of 70%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Cosmetic Sector 80 employees. Performing an individual improvement plan by the sales man for integrating the competencies identified in the improvement plan with HR competencies.
  • Food Sector 200 employees. Performing an assessment for competencies align with sales man ideal selling corridor, understood as a workbook to identify what should be done at key moments of the sale.
  • Telecommunications Sector 5,000 employees. Identifying an individual improvement plan for all sales man to help them increase their specific uptake rate.