• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Commercial Recruitment

What it for?

  • Find the candidate with the best profile, skills and attitudes possible, within the salary range set by the company.
  • For a delicate process as trade selection is done by real specialists in commercial selection of savvy marketers and sales managers.
  • Ensuring a proactive candidate, capable of self-motivation and able to understand the business process of the client company.
  • Ensure that the company has a professional able to adapt to the organizational culture of our client.
  • Allow Management achieve sales targets through a well selected team.

What tools are common used?

  • Specific Bases Data for sales team.
  • Specific behavioral Tests for sales man.
  • Values Tests ​​to identify preferences.
  • Group dynamics to identify knowledge.
  • Structured interviews and Customed Report.
  • Meeting with managers at 3 months of its incorporation to identify strengths and weaknesses of own profile.
Process characteristics Benefits involved for Business
  • Preliminary analysis of the profile with the address for the profile, mission and the peculiarities of the company culture.
  • Ensure the adaptation of the person to the work in a short space of time.
  • Wide recruitment phase from different sources.
  • Having a broad base of choice ensures the success of the process.
  • Selection based on attitudes as well as knowledge.
  • Self-motivation and the ability to trade proactivity is assured.
  • Interviews by knowledgeable sales consultants and business process.
  • A low error rate in such a delicate process is ensured.
  • Track back once its incorporation.
  • Provide the business specific processes for recruitment and development of effective

Other expected results

The highest percentage of success is a great time saver since the selection is decided until a professional is in business metrics are achieved. The errors represent a delay of between 4 and 6 months in cover position

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of 100%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Logistics Sector. 200 employees. Selection of Key Account manager with industry knowledge, and motivation level of dialogue face to attracting new customers.
  • Construction Industry. 400 employees. Selecting Responsible Business Unit main group, with business address functions.
  • Industrial Sector. 80 employees. Selection profiles with external business profile clearly consultative sales experience in sales and service, and a base of international contacts, to act as area manager.