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Sales Academy

What it for?

  • ActitudPro assists companies in defining and implementing Sales Academies.
  • A sales academy aims to provide quality business training to members of a sales department, usually from 80 people.
  • long-term horizon that meets the training needs of product knowledge, organizational process, sales skills, attitudes and skills.
  • Set up a continuous channel to market demands adaptation to ensure that sales teams are formed quickly.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Online Platform.
  • Pool of internal and external trainers.
  • A set of steering to solidify the academy itself.
  • An autonomous Budget.
  • Evaluation methodologies to identify the use of all the participants.
  • Teaching techniques tailored to the needs.
  • Certification and diplomas.
  • Bonding of progress with certification to develop key positions and the career plan itself.

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Definition of training needs
  • Objectives adapted to needs
  • Establishment of programs according to market needs.
  • Link with the career plan.
  • Vision of the medium-term training and educational facilities planning.
  • Fast transmission for the salesman to fit the market.
  • Rating Kpis use and to analyze the effectiveness.
  • Continuity allows a greater effectiveness of the training.

Other expected results:

The Sales Academy is an instrument to focus the strategy based on the guidelines of the Directorate General.

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of 140%

Verifiable Cases of Success

  • FMCG Sector. Making a sales academy for distributors in a known signature food distribution and internal staff. The duration was 4 years and included training for distributors, key accounts, sales managers …
  • Telecommunications sector. Academy for principals Sales of franchised stores telephone operator and commercial structure.