• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.


What it for?

  • Be able to perform actions uptake, signaling visits, telemarketing at specific times without increasing the fixed structure,
  • To ensure our customers have an outside sales team that enables them to develop commercial action.
  • To perform those commercial actions necessary without the customer having to endure long-term fixed costs of the structure.
  • Bring to pass specific or telephone actions in an area, sector or geographical area.

What tools are commonly used?

  • A already trained team by ActitudPro in proactive attitude and flexibility.
  • Sales arguments that are prepared together with the customer to sell effectively.
  • Information system, calls and visit control to monitories the commercial actions
  • Sectorial databases to address customers.
Process characteristics Benefits involved for Business
  • The commercial action is done from the client’s office or from our.
  • Customer convenience and adaptability to situations.
  • Trusted teams who have worked on previous projects with ActitudPro.
  • Quick adaptation to get the results
  • Self-directed teams responsible by ActitudPro
  • Teams are not alone in the Project but are constantly targeted.
  • Creating with the customer sales arguments Information.
  • Customer knowledge (product, arguments…)are assimilated by the team.
  • Fees with fixed and variable depending on results.
  • Commitment and alignment results.

Expected Yeld:

Estimated ROI of  30%.

Verifiable Cases of Success

  1. Information system sector. 200 employees. Task force of 4 people towards developing signaling to customers that are visited by an internal professional strength of the company.
  2.  Professional Cosmetics sector: 600 employees. Taskforce for 9 people acquire new customers by sending a promotional gift and then carry out the sale.
  3. Tourism Sector 4 people oriented team to conduct the sale of overnight stays of most Spanish network of shelters to the wholesale segment (Travel agencies, associations, clubs, and institutions).