• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Monitoring Sales Force

What it for?

  • It is a system for managing the sales team from mobility.
  • Ensure that external sales networks can be easily organized, directed and supervised remotely.
  • Develop greater control over the sales teams when they are visiting their clients.
  • Ensure compliance with the objectives (quantitative and qualitative) for teams sales.
  • Learn in-depth detail comerial activity and ensure that visits are made in time and form.
  • The commercial has a tool to make a product presentation or suitable solutions for systems of consultative selling.

What tools are common used?

  • The software is installed on a mobile system as a tablet or mobile phone business itself.
  • The program allows the business to make “check-in” at the time of making the visit.
  • The application has a geolocator, from which the exact location from which reports are known.
  • The application allows further trade can make to report the incidence of the visit itself.
  • The Sales Manager has a system in his computer to monitor the process (visits, orders, inquiries, incidents …).
  • Connection of the software with customer own CRM system, to exploit all the possibilities offered by systems.
Characteristics of the process Benefits for the Company
  • The sales man reports visits and  by a geolocator identifies from where it has been reported.
  • Assurance that the sales man truly makes the commercial visit in time and fit.
  • The commercial can review client history.
  • Higher rate of closure thanks to a better knowledge of the account.
  • The commercial reports the outcome of the visit.
  • Ability to monitor the results to the hour, day, week or month.
  • Optimizing routes.
  • Reduce the visit cost.
  • Design of Performance Indicators (KPI) qualitative and quantitative.
  • Optimize the sales process through indicators. Greater efficiency.
  • The tablet is used to perform the required product presentations.
  • Assurance of consultant sales procedure.

Other expected results

  • Motivating experience.
  • Clarity of management by commercial.

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of 100%

Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Chemical Sector. 50,000 employees. Starting in the commercial network at European level on the system for the 19 country managers of the 19 European countries where the company operates.
  • Hairdresser Sector. The system is installed on 45 commercial sale of professional cosmetics.
  • Food Sector. The system is installed in the dedicated account directors and vendors who visit the outlets.

Companies and their partners will be provided when requested.