• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Technical Support and Commercial for Tenders

What it for?

  • Bring a strategic approach to winning the bid for the competition, depending on the position of the customer, competitors and tenderer.
  • Coordination of the work team to develop different parts of the offer.
  • Develop attractive technical and financial proposal for the tenderer.
  • Selection and negotiation with suppliers and partners to incorporate into the offer.
  • Realization of executive presentations.
  • Support the negotiation with the tenderer.

What tools are common used?

  • Templates for the elaboration of the offer.
  • Templates for Executive Presentations.
  • xcels Models for financial bid.
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Role Plays and presentations
Process characteristics Benefits involved for Business
  • Integration with the client team work.
  • Provide temporary resources experienced in large tenders
  • Preparation of offer specifications in terms, rates and business strategy.
  • Focus on results and maximize the score in the tender.
  • View from the point of view of the result expected by the bidder.
  • Operational structure appropriate for the offer.
  • Assistance in negotiating strategy.
  • Ensure competitive offer, with a profitable margin for the client.
  • Business Support to all the bidding process based on effective sales techniques
  • Maximize the chances of success in the tender.
  • Simulation staging and coaching speakers
  • Reducing the risk at the time of tender  submission.

Other expected results:

Award of the tender with the highest possible margins.

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of 400%

Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Services Sector. (Optical seller) Preparation of proposal for the management of all airports in the Aena Airports.
  • Telecommunications Sector. (Buyer Optics) 5000 Support in selecting a provider for the change in the switching network of the second largest telecom operator.
  • Computers Sector (Optical seller). Support for a proposed change of office automation and telecommunications infrastructure for a regional administration.