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Point of Sale Management

What is for?

  • To drive sales through better information throughout the business process that links customer: it is the main source of insights for the way buying shopper.
  • To improve the point of sale and the interaction of the company with customers through social media.
  • To generate insights about the behavior of the end customer regarding the influence of the above in your buying decision channels.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Quantitative research techniques to understand market perceptions, attitudes and meanings that customers make a product.
  • Focus Groups to understand the drivers of customer purchase.
  • Promotions and scheduling.
  • Merchandising for actions at the point of sale to be effective.
  • Social Networking for the satisfaction of our product through “the network”.
Characteristics of the process Benefits for the Company
  • It is a global process regarding all elements of marketing
  • It allows to know the most effective actions for the client to buy shares.
  • In evaluating the way of Sale to the customer, a complete info is obtained.
  • The company gets feedback on whether the investment has been amortized.
  • There is an approach of preferences and customer buying attitudes
  • Knowing the most effective ways of communication to reach the customer.

Other Expected results

Ability to customize the maximum sales channels based on the knowledge of the customer.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 30% of the investment value.

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Tourism Sector (shelters). 300 Employees. Semi-structured interviews with their directors to identify the customer experience, and drive projects to reduce existing gaps.
  •  Horeca Sector (events). 200 employees. Identification of the value equation for customers through a series of focus groups and thus identify how customer perception should be improved.
  •  Tourism Sector (Hotels). Employees 400 Establishment of new forms of customer interaction from the point of view of social networks, thereby ensuring that the messages sent are sent to defined target audiences.