• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Sales and emotional attitudes

What it for?

  • Understand the desirability of a change in business management model, taking advantage of the opportunities that greater emotional relationship can provide us with customers.
  • Develop from within people a personal vision that matches the vision or ideal future (commercial) company and customers in the short and medium term.
  • Discover areas of improvement, strengths and weaknesses that may represent the levers and brakes for this shift.
  • Develop the skills needed for individual improvement in interpersonal communication, business skills, etc.. that are necessary for effective business improvement.
  • To sensitize the audience about the importance of emotional intelligence and its impact on the ability to build trust with the customer and motivation face ourselves as sellers.

What tools are common used?

  • Self-knowledge Test
  • Disc methodology to identify the preferences and behavior
  • ​​Insightspro  methodology to identify values
  • Case methodologie
  • Role plays
  • Specific exercises of empathic communication
  • The trusted seller
Process characteristics Benefits involved for Business
  • Positive attitudes and empathy are enhanced and new habits are established performance.
  • High level of dialogue and personal ability to solve stuck situations
  • Better understanding of himself and of the strengths and weaknesses of each sales person.
  • Development of skills that everyone can make the most of the sales talent itself.
  • Know the process of decision making and how emotions affect the decision process.
  • Increase the success rate at all times of the commercial process.
  • Special emphasis on customer perceptions emotional during acquisition.
  • Win the trust of new customers faster. Increased uptake rate.

Other expected results

Be a stimulating and motivating action that furthers the objectives of each seller, towards achieving the goal.

Expected Yeld

ROI estimado del 40%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Industrial Sector. 120 employees. Making a program to develop emotional sale and become aware of customer sentiment throughout the business process workshop.
  • IT Sector 90 employees. Seminary to develop a greater emotional impact on customers.
  • Energy Sector. 15,000 employees. Seminar aims to promote positive attitudes and self-knowledge in the energy operator distributors.