• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Developing the Shared View

What is it for?

  • For the members of a work team, however large it may be, to be able to feel that they form part of the organization.
  • To take decisions that will have a great impact on the group.
  • For the group to feel listened-to, even if the management finally takes the key decisions.
  • To improve the implication of the persons that form part of the organization.

What tools are used normally?

  • Group techniques derived from sociocracy, such as “Elections without candidates”, “If I were you”, “management by consent”, “Creation of a circle”.
  • Preparation for the Management Committee for it to be able to accept the initiatives of the Team.
  • Taopro Trigger Event (évennement déclencheur) to create an effective dialogue system.
  • Open-forum systems to identify problem areas.
  • Implementation of Circles of Consensus with “circle officials” (secretaries, dual links…).
  • Accompaniment in Circles of Consensus in order to propose solutions, debate alternatives and implement solutions in a structured manner.
  • Decision-making systems in order to stimulate participation and creativity, brainstorming, 3 times and 3 movements, generation of alternatives…
  • Accompaniment in Project office in order to identify projects to be implemented, obstacles to be foreseen, and the ensuring of the implication of the Top Management.
  • Use of the technology of social networks (Bluekiwi) for the totality of the organization to know about the process.
Characteristics of the process Benefits implied for the Company
  • The Circle allows for intervention by members (directly and indirectly)
  • Implication of all of the persons in an organization, however large it may be
  • Use of social network technology (Bluekiwi).
  • Fluent communication and visibility of the totality of the process
  • Creation of playing rules in circles, to inhibit hierarchy
  • The leadership of the expert is ensured, as well as fluent communication in the group
  • Decision processes via collective intelligence mechanisms
  • Participation and visibility of what is intended to be achieved by all
  • Visibility by all of everything that is intended to be achieved
  • It is ensured that members “buy into the project” before it is implemented

Other results expected

  • Agility in the decision process.
  • Project will not enter into a “dead end”, as the base persons see themselves as having at least been consulted.
  • Knock-on effect of the dynamics towards other areas of the organization if the project is initiated in one part of the company. And when will we have the opportunity to do it?

Profitability expected

ROI estimated at 70%.

Verifiable cases of success

  • Systems and Software Sector. 20 employees. Construction of a shared view among all of the members of the organization. Implementation of various projects, by means of the election of Project leaders without candidates.
  • Chemical Sector. 50,000 employees. Process of identification of organizational problems and in order to ensure better levels of coordination in factory groups with their middle management.
  • Internet Sector. 60 employees. Identification of the group with the shared vision of the company itself. Development of a commercial team in order to identify levers to improve internal coordination and proactivity.

Companies and their contact persons shall be provided upon request.