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Alignment Marketing-Sales department

What is for?

  • Align both departments and get them to work as one team, two entities that usually have difficulty collaborating.
  • Perform dynamic organizations that integrate both into a unified with the common goal of generating revenue process.
  • Improve productivity and make both departments collaborate.
  • Getting a department is committed to the success of the other.
  • Establish incentive systems and avoid friction between departments.
  • Greater business insight is provided to the members of the sales department.
  • It gives greater vision of the business process to members of the departments of Marketing.
  • Unify objectives and metrics to help both entities of the organization are aligned on what is to be achieved.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Preliminary analysis to identify problems in the process.
  • Identification of conflicts and situations of non-cooperation.
  • Identification of systemic models involved in the process.
  • Accompanying those responsible to raise awareness of mental models that appear in the process.
  • Training to assist in troubleshooting sessions.
  • Taopro for troubleshooting.
  • Behavioral Test.

Characteristics of the process

Benefits for the Company

  • Training for a department knows the reality of the other.
  • Ensures faster on introducing new products.
  • Workshops to identify systemic patterns that sometimes lead to failure.
  • Ensures that no situations that have led to failure and improvement plans are set repeat.
  • Improved processes of interaction marketing and sales
  • Greater complicity to ensure success in joint processes.
  • Support managers in the process.
  • Ensuring the involvement of senior management.

Other Expected results

  • Increased profitability of products launched by their greater efficiency at launch.
  • Increase sales by selling more involved in the process of design and marketing.
  • Products designed with specifications in accordance with customer needs.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 300% of the investment value.

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Industrial Sector. 90 employees. Identification of a process of enhancing creativity jointly between marketing and sales.
  • Sector toy stores. 300 employees. Workshops personal interaction sets for commercial and marketing managers to improve the relationship Design-Marketing and Sales and ensure process optimization.
  •  Sector online services. 40 employees. Workshops Taopro to identify a shared vision Marketing-Sales and identify erroneous mental model.