• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Team Building

What it for?

  • To accelerate the process of building a team in terms of rules, skills of the members and goals to achieve.
  • To integrate a team with a new member to start his career with success
  • To carry one a team at key moments throughout their performance. (Kick Off, develop new orientation, new actions or company philosophy …).
  • Assess the strengths as a team and areas for improvement in order to diagnose the team.
  • Improve the cohesion and team motivation and be able to apply new methodology.
  • To recognize the present state of the team and the ideal state and design a strategy for achieving this ideal state.

What tools are used normally?

  • BandPro  (Outdoor activity) can be used to work the following topics: coordination, interrelationships and systemic interdependence, solidarity.
  • EggPro (Outdoor Activity). A mission is assigned to the team  in order to identify the problems and strengths that the team are having to achieve the objective.
  • Outdoor activities. The goal is to  put into various situations a team so that through a playful perspective can be created metaphors and situations that a Team must pass.
  • Explorer. It can be applied to to some of the following topics, among others: interaction between teams, operating systems of learning, recognizing win-win situations, cooperation, feedback processes.
  • Kultur Pro to work on development issues of common rules  (eg merger of two teams, or formation of a new team), establishing rules and intercultural teams.
  • Questionnaire situational leadership to locate the maturity of the various team members and have a picture of the overall maturity.
  • Table Pro: It is a learning method based on the experience in which participants perform behaviors and actions that are then analyzed from the perspective of “teamwork”. for example they may be issues of communication, Patience, Rapport, create a climate of security, trust, respect, tolerance
  • The Coaching Game in order to explore different areas of the life of the coachee, to bring fresh air, avoid its logic, broaden its current point of view and work from a creative perspective whenever there may be difficulties of expression.

Characteristics of the process

Benefits for the company

  • Identify key for a team to function efficiently, emotional and task-level indicators
  • Leading the Team in the process and carry on him on the steps of skill acquisition
  • Experience learning some techniques oriented to think / observe / do / feel / share key elements of team effectiveness
  • Increase the Team cohesion and move it forward as such, faster than would be expected in a conventional organization
  • Learn skills of observation and analysis of group processes
  • Achieve the correct madurity as a team and create the conditions to allaw the talent emerge

Other expected results:

  • Increase the commitment between staff – company.
  • To encourage personal and professional growth of the team of the company.
  • To promote learning and fun you have in the team of the company, basic ingredients for a better performance.

Expected Yeld:

Estimated ROI of 80%

Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Construction sector. 5,000 employees. Through indoor / outdoor training experiencing specific aspects that help build a team, develop and strengthen.
  • Small and medium enterprise. Through training workshops from 2 days to experience learning situations as a team, learn to recognize the maturity of the team and apply skills of analysis and observation of group processes.
  • Institutions. 500 employees. Relationship of a set outdoor activities to achieve greater results orientation by the Team, and solve some limitations of a public organization.


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