• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Assessment for High Performance

What is it for?

  • To obtain a current photograph of the team in relation to factors of production and relational factors.
  • To assess the performance of the team at a given moment and to establish predictions for future behaviour.
  • To obtain a measurement of each member of the team in relation to behaviours, values and competences.
  • For the leader of the team to be able to take decisions in relation to actions to be performed that may ensure an improvement in the team.

What tools are used normally?

  • Non-participant observation of real situations of the group.
  • Team assessment, based on factors of productivity and factors of relation, responded to individually by each member of the group and also by the leader.
  • 360º assessment with workers and managers that are not part of the team, in order to ask them about the factors of productivity and factors of relation.
  • Advanced Insights Profile: a questionnaire to assess (1) behaviour; (2) values, and; (3) Competences and skills associated with leadership, in order to be aware of strong points and points to be improved and the anchorage between their values and values required in the management of persons.

Characteristics of the process

Benefits implied for the Company

  • It involves all of the members of the team.
  • Being able to take beneficial action decisions for the company.
  • It involves the leader of the team as a key person in the process.
  • Having real knowledge of its team in order to be able to take adapted decisions.
  • It involves other persons external to the team that have information on the latter.
  • Visualization of the consultancy action as an attitude for improvement by the company.
  • It considers real situations experienced by the team.
  • It allows for decisions to be taken anchored on the reality of the team.

Other results expected

  • Assessment of the potential as a team in a precise and complete manner.
  • It provides information on the behaviour of people in specific work situations.
  • It optimizes efforts focused on development.

Profitability expected

ROI estimated at 50%.

Verifiable cases of success

  • Industrial Sector, steel distribution. Company 800 workers. Analysis of group processes, roles and competences, including the leader, in order to develop R & D processes.


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