• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Consultative Selling

What it is for?

  • Seller transformation to an expert in the product and able to adapt to the customer’s needs.
  • Knowledge of the Sales Model by all Sales staff, the sales model is based on the generation of trust and the needs of customers.
  • Sales team aware of the personalization of the service as a differential factor.
  • Get attendees to master the principles of suggestion and persuasion to be able to influence their decision-makers and co-decision makers more efficiently and quickly.
  • Respond effectively to the business challenge of ceasing to be a supplier and becoming a partner of your customers.
  • Provide business opportunities for your clients, sell to high-level decision-making buyers whose primary concern is results.
  • Become aware of how the application of products and services add value to the business.

What tools are common used?

  • Attitudinal self-knowledge test.
  • Evaluation of commercial skills
  • Illustrative Videos of situations that arise in the vicinity of the sale.
  • Methodology “The Sales Corridor”
  • Case methodologie
  • Methodology “Trusted Seller”
  • Specific Role Plays

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Develop the capacity for initiative and identifying business needs.
  • Increased sales volume by adopting the position of seller-partner.
  • Training with high recreational and motivational content.
  • Increased motivation and openness to the process.
  • Modular Content 1-4 days of training.
  • Adaptable to customer availability.
  • Specific techniques of commercial uptake.
  • Ability to obtain new customers and develop business.
  • Skills to project more confidence to the customer.
  • Increased cross-selling.
  • Training and improving knowledge of all phases of the business process.
  • Improved conversion rate at each stage of the commercial process.

Other expected results

  • Increased motivation of sellers and greater team spirit.
  • Leveraging training for marketers to align the strategy of the company.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 45%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Telecommunications Sector. 20,000 employees. Conducting training to the Spanish distribution network for telecommunications services seminars. Development of consultative selling skills.
  • Chemical Sector. 50,000 employees. Making sales seminar to the commercial network of the European network of pesticides, to align with the new sales style marked by management, targeting a sale of prescription in relation to the end customer.
  • Food sector. 200 employees. Performing a series of seminars aimed at generating and transmitting confidence to the client as part of the development of a sales process expert.

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