• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Motivational Conferences

What is it for?

  • To accompany the Company in particular events in which the Management wishes to send messages for change.
  • To promote the cohesion of an organization or of a work group that does not normally have the opportunity to meet physically.
  • To experience the acquisition of new concepts together.
  • To allow for rapid distribution of knowledge in a short period of time.
  • To remind the members that they share one sole interest and to ensure this shared interest in specific and coordinated actions.
  • To perform a stimulating and motivating action able to guide the efforts of each person.
  • To rapidly transmit knowledge on leadership, management, commercial excellence, teamwork or the promotion of collaborative dynamics or proactivity to change.
  • To establish an event shared with other members of the organization outside the company and to be able to achieve the loyalty of clients, distributors, agents …

What tools are used normally?

High-impact dynamics to take advantage of the moment when the whole of the organization is together

Characteristics of the process

Benefits for the company

  • The possibility of adapting contents to the issues of each company.
  • Guided towards solving the problems that concern Top Management.
  • Possible participation of a famous speaker to illustrate a given situation.
  • Ensuring high impact in the formative action.
  • Experts in communication and management transmit the contents.
  • Ideal to promote cultural changes or announce changes of cycles.
  • Adaptable in relation to formats, times and typology of auditorium.
  • Achieving the specific impact that the Top Management was looking for.
  • Possibility of a round of questions after the event.
  • Greater interactivity and participation by people.

Other results expected

  • That given groups that are not normally formed may acquire knowledge in the different areas of management.
  • The possibility of handing out certain objects that create a link with the contents which others may remember after the moment of the conference.

Profitability expected

150% return on the investment made.

Cases of success

  • Financial Sector. 20,000 Employees. The keys to leadership in service applied to the management of our company offices. Conference given to 100 participants.
  • Professional Cosmetics Sector. 80 Employees. 400 participants. Annual meeting in the stores that distribute the said product, on how to identify the best commercial system.
  • Public Sector (Red Cross) Conference on how to develop habits of collaboration and lead our teams in each province in the Annual Red Cross Convention.
  • Professional associations. How to be good coaches for our teams.

Specific references shall be provided upon request.


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