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Teams: Examples of Actions

Teams: Examples of Actions

1- I must improve team performing

The team does not get standards set by management. It is believed that poor performance can be explained by different causes depending on team members and each person must be analyzed individually. In other cases, the address is new and you want an outside opinion on the jurisdictional status of the equipment and plan development.

SOLUTION: Assessment for High Performance

2- Insufficient cohesion

Precedence over individual attitudes behaviors equipment. Blame it on the other and low commitment of individuals is observed. We have created fiefdoms. In other cases the directors have taken additional responsibilities and have split the team, leaving him alone.

SOLUTION: Organizational Intelligence

3- Conflictivity and low motivation

The equipment is permanently saturated and deadlines are not met. There is a sense of conflict and low self-confidence as a team. The causes of “no success” translated into projecting blame towards others. There are situations of stress and conflict. There are more sick leave to enter.

SOLUTION: Diagnosis and Prevention of Stress

4- Missing shared objectives

Councils are each one by hand. There are different views among managers and growing conflict between them, which is transmitted waters below. Communication between departments is painstaking and vertical and no horizontal and informal communication.

SOLUTION: Develop Shared Vision

5- The Management Team should be developed

Senior management must deal with strategic challenges and has tools to manage change. The strategy is clear but do not know how to engage middle managers so that they execute it. This flaw in the way of communicating and / or lead.

SOLUTION: Coaching Top Management

6- Lack of management skills

The middle managers fail to implement the strategy successfully. In some cases it is lack of leadership, in others it fails in the way we communicate, delegation, stress management and time management or treatment itself towards people. You need to assess areas for improvement by each manager and design a plan of action and support for them.

SOLUTION: Coaching for Managers

7- The team must face new challenges

The team is not yet high performance. The shared vision is not enough, there is hierarchical leadership and leadership expert arises. The hierarchy and / or the company culture obstructs the flow of individual talent and people could make more. It should undertake a program for the computer to become High Performance team.

SOLUTION: High Performance Teams

8- Managers don’t lead the team

The managers are valid, efficient and  with enough knowledge of the industry and the team, but do not have enough emotional intelligence or the appropriate leadership skills to lead the team effectively.

SOLUTION: Coaching focused on leadership and skills

9- Transmit a change of direction

Senior management wants to communicate a new approach to performance. A new strategy or a new way to implement it, but you need an expert external revulsivo but someone outside the organization to forward a message in line with management or property of the Company.

SOLUTION: Motivational Conferences

10- The team is new

A newly formed team. People do not know and must learn to interact effectively with a clear vision, defined responsibilities and knowledge of the talent of each individual. Should create a level playing field, make the initial enthusiasm and channel and prevent the installation of negative dynamics, all to quickly develop their full potential.

SOLUTION: Team Building


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