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Assessment in Bussines Management

What it is for?

  • To make a diagnosis of behavior, values ​​and business skills and compare their adequacy with the required business profile, the nature of the position.
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement in terms of trade skills associated skills.
  • Develop a plan to improve the weaknesses associated with about trading skills or negotiation, to be used as a guide to supervision by the Commercial Director.

What tools are commonly used?

  • Advanced InsightsPro: questionnaire to assess (1) behavior, with its strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and to motivate key; (2) values​​, with the compliance with the requirements for a commercial and motivate key profile; (3) Skills and abilities to know the pattern of decision-making.
  • CompePro: system skills in both sales skills and leadership of sales teams, and to identify strengths and elements of improving trade skills.
  • Roleplaying to observe how the skills are used in business situations
  • Acompañamientos comerciales to identify behaviors associated with commercial band stages and moments of truth.

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Personalized: a behavior and values map is designed of personalized form.
  • To provide for the Commercial Manager a custom monitoring plan for each vendor
  • It involves a process of becoming aware of the behavior / values ​​/ skills by each business or sales manager.
  • Facilitates supervision of Dr. Commercial and accelerates the implementation of effective actions by salesman.
  • Interviews with the person who has built the personalized feedback.
  • Involving people with the results
  • Assessment understood as an aid to the seller or commercial manager.
  • Build a management style that prevail the values on the organization.

Other expected results:

  • Establish improvement commitments to salesman.
  • Reinforce appropriate behaviors and gain recognition for their efforts.
  • Identify criteria and priorities which will be valued their business.

Expected Yield:

Estimated ROI of 70%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Hospital & Health Care Sector. 300 employees. Performing an assessment of 12 vendors.
  • Food Distribution Sector. Performing an assessment for 60 salesman preceded by a commercial accompaniments and individual assessment with an in situ feedback.
  • Professional Food Sector. Performing a set of individualized surveillance, interviews and tests to evaluate potential vendors face career plan should be established.


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