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Global Sales Programs

ActitudPro has distinguished itself in recent years by its ability to deploy commercial excellence training projects or sales leadership projects for multinational companies on global scale.

These projects have been carried out for sales teams in companies such as Basf, Porsche, Mapfre, UPL Limited, Mercedes Benz or Arysta Life Science.

Its training capacity to collaborate regularly with different Partners has enabled ActitudPro to have a consolidated network of certified consultants with their training methodologies.

We use the following methodology:

1. A training project of commercial excellence with its objectives is defined adapting the base contents to the requirements of the company at a corporate level.
2. A committee of experts from different countries and subsidiaries is appointed, to discuss the different modules to include in the training.
3. The contents are adapted to the needs and requirements of the expert’s group are validated with these experts. ActitudPro defines and produces the contents of the modules to be defined in elearning,  webinars,trunk or mandatory modules, and optional modules for each country. We also define the direct training methodlogy (webinars, presential training, hybrid…)
4. Once validated, the contents they are included in our e-learning platform  or alternative we create the scorms to include the modules in on the own client platform.
5. Countries choose training tracks, based on their business model and optional modules, and the format of the training.
6. The contents are taught in each of the companies at the local level,  but by trainers who know the local language and culture.

ActitudPro has so far successfully conducted deployment formations in the following countries:

Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Andorra, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Greece.
Africa: Morocco, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Mozambique.
Asia: Turkey, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines.
Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia.


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