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Mystery Shopping

Improve the customer experience you offer through our market studies

Market research is a fundamental tool that allows us to gain a thorough understanding of our potential customers’ expectations and to see if we are living up to them in the commercial process. 
It involves the collection and analysis of data related to a specific market in order to make more informed strategic decisions.

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What is it for?

  • Evaluate and measure the quality of customer service face sale online store or sale.
  • Check if the sales teams are being carried out properly all phases of the sale (visit preparation, the interview itself is sold, check to space and back up)
  • Validate if the phases of after-sales and customer support are performed in accordance with customer expectations.
  • Analyze whether the client is properly presented are all possibilities that can be offered.
  • Validate that commercials are using the right sales speech, to focus he commercial action.
  • Evaluate globally, if the client was satisfied with the visit and especially how it has led to the sale.

¿What tools are common used?

  • Simulated Client Interviews in its various forms (face store visits, receipt of tenders, client visits).
  • Questionnaire/report outline data collection which will subsequently be filled to the completion of the visit.
  • Journal Report
  • Report of mystery shopping action
  • Findings Document
  • Final Presentation to the Board

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Preparation of interviews with management staff to detail the most interesting aspects to value.
  • Assurance that the points are identified that the company want to measure and monitor progress.
  • Establishment of control points with quantitative measurements based but open response.
  • Quantitative and qualitative perceptions gives more wealth to the report.
  • Making visits by experienced sales consultants and customer service.
  • Value of services used and the customer experience of different customer segments.
  • Sales training and customer service that is able to develop ActitudPro can be a lever for improvement after the process.
  • The company has a partner that assists you in the process of improving your sales team or customer attention.

Other expected results

Improvement of the perceived attention.

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of  50%.

3 Verifable cases of success

  •  Industry HORECA. 600 employees. Performing a set of mystery shopper actions aimed to identify the sales steps by weddings in establishments.
  • Telecommunications Sector. 5000 employees. Receiving a set of offerings to identify the quality of the business process and proactive customer.
  • Construction Sector. 1400 employees. Carrying out a project to identify the quality of service in shops and the weaknesses of consultative sale process.


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