Definition of the Multichannel Strategies

What is for?

  • ActitudPro develops customer experiences, management models, tools and methodologies for a company to provide excellent customer experience.
  • The aim is to achieve customer experience omnicanal: Where the customer gets related to the company in all the “moments of truth” through the most appropriate channel for each situation, optimizing customer convenience and efficiency for the company
  • It is that online channels (web portals, mobile, social media, email, …) and off-line channels (traditional retail, distribution, attendance clerk, phone …) can provide a shopping experience that ensures consistency, positioning and effectiveness across all channels.
  • The vision of the company, the type of customers and their expectations, moments of truth, value proposition, and supply our channels, our organization and capabilities: In the process, several factors are defined. The combination of these factors should generate omnicanal our customer experience.
  • Having defined the strategy is necessary to size and resource to the organization so that it can provide service levels in line with customer expectations at all times and in every channel.
  • Experience shows that the participation and involvement of the organization in defining the new multichannel customer experience, at every moment of truth, it is essential for a successful real implementation of the strategy

What tools are commonly used?

External level / customer: market research for customer needs, expectations regarding modes of relationship with the company.
Internal Level / Organization Systems participatory decision making (3 times 3 moves)
Customer Experience “strowman”.
Benchmark Customer experience successful multichannel
ChangePro to ensure effective implementation of the process.
Models of customer experience.
Business case vs impact on customer efficiency measures to implement
Models of competence management to ensure the person as adaptation.
Value Stream Mapping to ensure implementation of the process.

Characteristics of the process

Benefits for the Company

  • Transversal, involving all key areas of the organization.
  • The customer gets a level of excellent service independent of the channel.
  • It puts the customer at the center of the process and the relationship with the company.
  • New technologies and processes are used to increase the business opportunities to attract and retain customers.
  • Correct alignment of the different channels ensures relation.
  • Strategic alignment and momentum in the implementation.
  • Strategic definition by the way, but the main priorities are defined and agree together from “below”, with the entire organization.
  • Involvement of basic equipment and ease of implementation.
  • Integral: Defining lines of action covering the processes, organization, technology, and financial area of ​​the company to ensure a return on the measures implemented.
  • Optimal balance between the channels to the customer, and the efficiency of them.

Other Expected results

  • The company manages to resolve channel conflict in a structured way. Channel management becomes a source of competitive advantage for the first player to get resolve well.
  • Expected profitability

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 140% of the investment value.

Verifiable Success Cases 

  • Construction sector. Definition of a corridor parallel clients for online sales channel and channel visitors sellers. It only ensures Customer Experience.
  • Tourism sector. Team 900 people with 22 catering establishments. Construction of multi-channel strategy and process definition, between B2C online sales channels, face to retail travel agencies selling, selling to wholesalers.

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