Digital Commercial Package

Building a digital sales station to make good sales presentations in a specific room or to make sales webinars or video recordings for later broadcast. This package is accompanied by training for the team to get the most out of it.

The OBJECTIVES to be achieved are the following:

  • Create a physical space in which digital presentations and product demonstrations can take place.
  • Leave it configured and prepared “plug and play” so that a specific room for digital visits can be set up.
  •  Ensure that salespeople used to face-to-face sales can make a memorable presentation by using a digital station for presentations and/or recordings.
  • Identify the aspects that differentiate the digital sales process from a face-to-face sales process and become aware of them so that you do not fail.
  • Eliminar los miedos ante una situación en que el vendedor tiene que adaptarse para no quedar atrás digitalmente.



With a PC located in a room, connected to a webcam and an external camera, the salesperson can make a visit with 3 possible alternatives:

1. let yourself be seen by the webcam (teams/zoom).
2.sharing a presentation and presenting it (screen sharing)
3. go to the set and show the product.



During the implementation phase, you will always be accompanied by the ActitudPro team, in this process the following actions will be carried out:

1. Adaptation of the device to the characteristics of the room.
2. visit our current set to identify good practices that can be used.
3. Preparation of the environment.
4. Identification of materials needed and their procurement.
5. Conducting a test.
6. Preparation of a specification package that can be installed and extrapolated to the rest of the branches.


The objective of this training is to create the necessary skills in our team to obtain the maximum result from the tools, to know how to alternate the visualisation in one or the other plane in an optimal way, according to the characteristics of the moment and the needs of the client.

It will also focus on effective team communication through role-playing in order to learn how to give a full presentation.

The content of the programme is as follows:

Webinars A, B and C are conducted jointly in a group, while modules 1 to 7 are conducted at the student’s convenience via an e-learning platform.

After the training, Coaching sessions are planned to confirm the correct implementation and the practice of recording the set will be covered.

Each module will be taught in the following way:

Jose Martrat, managing partner of ActitudPro, explains the use of these tools on Catalunya Radio (audio in Catalan):

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. There are special prices for people who wish to train on a personal basis, please contact us. You can also find us at our office phone numbers.