• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Sales Management

What it is for?

  • Ensure that professionals can design, manage and run a successful business organization in terms of variables such as size, the type of customer or decision-making processes of these.
  • Share different sales network models that can be used in the business environment and the suitability of each depending on the situations (network direct sales, distributors, agents multi portfolio, task force, etc..)
  • Explain what a business should do and not do in a sales process to the customer: This will allow managers to identify the moments of truth in your business process.
  • Identify the levers and indicators of improvement that has a sales organization to achieve its full potential.

What tools are common used?

  • Exhibition in interaction with participants, foundations and methodologies.
  • Case studies illustrating commercial issues.
  • Micro cases, practical exercises.
  • Fragments of illustrative videos of situations.
  • Practical workshops based on commercial realities of the participants.

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Training provided by professionals on the Commercial management.
  • Learn good business practices that work in various sectors.
  • Learning of commercial management methodologies (portfolio allocation, areas, routes, reporting.
  • Increase efficiency through the use of commercial methodologies.
  • The commercial process to the client (portfolio management, preparation, arguments, objections, follow-up …).
  • Increase new customer acquisition and better use of the opportunities.
  • Commercial director as an attitudes manager in sale – diagnostic.
  • Increase the leadership of commercial manager.
  • HR policies applied to our sales team.
  • Making awareness of their role as responsible team.
  • Conclusion – how to identify our levers and commercial management of our company.
  • Business Process more aligned according to the defined business strategy.

Other expected results

Enhancing strategic skills, business acumen and a group that normally does not have access to this content.

Expected Yield

Estimated ROI of 40%

3 Verifiable Cases of Success

  • Chemical Sector. 50,000 employees. Starting in the commercial network at European level on the system for the 19 country managers of the 19 European countries where the company operates.
  • Financial Sector. 40,000 employees. Taught seminar on excellence in business management.
  • Construction Sector. 200 employees. Seminar to address sales teams to regional directors, to develop its market leadership and to seek their levers for business growth.