• “Well done is better than well said”

Projects carried out in the areas of Marketing, Sales Management and Coaching.


  • A training and monitoring program to improve leadership skills in management positions
  • Development of a service to download music in mobiles
  • Launch of a new mobile service for the residential segment
  • Launching an MVNO for a fixed operator UK
  • Creation of a system of incentives for the commercial network of sales of services to companies
  • Commercial training for distributors in telephony for the residential sector and SMEs
  • Design strategy, business model and operations to launch an MVNO in a leading financial institution in Spain
  • Creation of efficiency programs for corporate commercial networks
  • Development of a data service offer for young persons and implementation in segmented points of sale
  • Business plan for a new MVNO in Valencia
  • Definition and creation of commercial sales pitches for excellence in the sales process for SMEs and large corporations
  • Market studies, business plans and commercial proposal for the launch of diverse virtual mobile operators
  • Rating the opportunity for the launch of an ethnic MVNO in southern France


Trade and industry

  • Creation of reports for commercial management
  • Implementation and re-design of KPIs for assessment of the performance of teams
  • Development of management dashboards for the control and overall management of the activities of the company
  • Creation of system of control (scorecard) for the management of the evolution and results in several European countries
  • Creation of programs for the development of management work teams
  • Creation of a portfolio plan and of individual opportunities for sales persons
  • Creation and development of objectives for teams, with subsequent follow-up and monitoring
  • Definition of new commercial policies for the distribution channel
  • Creation of work groups for the improvement of the group cohesion of the management team of the company

Food and Consumption

  • Improvement of executive skills of the heads of management teams
  • Implementation, management and follow-up of a new telemarketing department for the professional hairdressing sector
  • Design and creation of commercial seminars for a commercial network of more than 100 users
  • Creation and implementation of a Sales Academy for the commercial training of all of the levels of the company
  • Creation and application of programs for the development of leadership and high performance for commercial managers

Energy and finances

  • Creation and implementation of a Sales Academy for employees
  • Evaluation and improvement of the executive leadership system
  • Development and application of a group leadership training program for increased performance of commercial teams
  • Executive coaching for the development of executive competences of the top management of the company
  • Training program to improve leadership skills of middle management of the company
  • Improvement projects for employees in the areas of leadership, team management and time management


  • Assessment of management leadership
  • Training in management skills to improve sales teams
  • Commercial training focused on consultative sales for the B2B sector
  • Creation and implementation of a corporate sales handbook
  • Creation of a Sales Academy for the improvement of team management in the areas of leadership and time management
  • Coaching focused on increasing the commercial performance of executive teams
  • Introduction of new services in 15 countries

Medical assistance and healthcare

  • Identification of the areas for improvement for commercial efficiency
  • Re-designing of the commercial process of the company
  • Definition of new commercial performance indicators
  • Re-structuring of the client portfolio for the distribution network of the company
  • Development of Mystery Shopping at points of sale
  • Creation and implementation of a commercial training program for more than 100 office managers
  • Executive coaching in order to strengthen the competences of management positions