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Commercialization: Examples of Performances

1- I must realize changes to sell more.

We do efforts in Marketing that are not translated in sales increases, the plant is has been years since has working of the same form, our relation model with our clients and distributors is similar to the several years ago. We are in a situation of “plateau of sales”and we have potential to sell more with the same resources.

SOLUTION :Audit of comercial Efficiency

2- I must gain a tender/key proposal

We have a business opportunity to sell a product or service to a big public or private customer. We must present an attractive offer at all the levels and must take care to the maximum he commercialization. But to realize this effort we have no ressources, or those that we have whey are not most adapted to confront the process with a successful guarantee.

SOLUCIÓN: Tender Preparation.

3- I want to know what my sales team are doing.

Our commercial team goes out to sell, gets into a “cloud” and then it returns or not with the order. We do not know what has happened during its commercial process. We know really neither how it has realized the preparation of the visit, whom he has visited how he has argumented and how the closing process has faced.

SOLUCIÓN: Sales Force Monitoring

4- We must imporve the seller result

I must know in detail the strong and weak points of every seller, we do not know if its weaknesses are in the absence of knowledge of the product, of the client, presentation, argumentation or closing. The opinion of a specialists is necessary with an external vision and not contaminated and capable of helping me with the progress plan to execute.

SOLUTION: Seller Assessment

5- The Commercial Manager must be a better leader.

The Commercial Manager finds it hard to him to motivate and direct its team, often it gets lost in the detail and it is difficult to him to communicate with enough emotional content. In other caes is does not have acquider habit of supervising the sellers not feel accompanied in front of the customer.

SOLUTION: Coaching to the Commercial Manager

6- The seller fails to Customer.

Our efforts and improvements in product and marketing do not translate into increased sales. Introductions of new products fail. Sellers do not get the results and we see signs that the market is able to accommodate either our products or services. Something is not doing well in the sales process.

SOLUCIÓN: Support in improving Sellers

7- Bad habits detected on the sales process

Over the years, our sales have been used to working in a way to make them evolve. They are victims of the routine. In many cases their way of selling is not consultative and expert, They can’t adopt an approach to solution selling a low pressure process focused on customer needs.

SOLUCIÓN: Consultative or face to face sale 

8- Emotional bond with the customer is lost

We know how to diagnose needs and identify opportunities, but lose sales at the time of closing. Vendors struggle approach to the emotional side of the customer. In the final part of the sale process, the customers opt for other solutions from competitors with more time to market and take advantage of the lever based on the emotional closeness.

SOLUTION: Emotional and attitude selling, coaching “on the road”.

9- Sales team bad managed

Sales managers are not trained enough to organize, lead and motivate their corresponding sales team. They should know the basic theory of teams to achieve greater sales results and must also have a higher level of abstraction to propose, in the future, improvements in equipment sales.

SOLUCIÓN: Sales Management

10- Have to select Vendors

It’s difficult to recruit the best people for the sales team. Months after joining detect that their attitudes, aptitudes, personalities or profile are not adequate, resulting in damage to the sales, to replace them and start the whole process again. Overly confident in recruiting commercial sector, which come with bad habits

SOLUCIÓN: Sales hunter

11- I must structure the commercial training

I must make an internal project for each person depending on their location in the commercial chart, has the necessary skills training and product knowledge to perform their role. I wish merge the training with the promotion plan. I should be able to train new hires and internal promotions.

SOLUCIÓN: Sales Management Academy

12- I want to know how are selling my vendors

I want to know how my sellers made ​​the sale process, without them knowing that you are considering them, whether in a commercial establishment, either on the sale of a complex service.

SOLUTION: Mistery Shopping


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