• We strengthen the commercial capacity of our clients.

Audit of commercial efficiency

What it for?

  • Identify commercial performance levers that serve to increase the effectiveness of the sales organization.
  • Achieve sales organization adapted to the needs of the market, the channel structure in the industry and customer segments.
  • Provide a more organized and structured teams for commercial activity in the different channels.
  • It improves the efficiency and increase the effectiveness of sales initiatives through an analysis of the current situation and design a set of recommendations, an action plan to implement and activating appropriate commercial levers.
  • Work is carried out by specialist consultants in sales or sales management.

What tools are common used?

In the analysis of the situation:

  • Analysis of business information available.
  • Interviews customers and ex customers.
  • Personalized interviews to members of the comercial organization
  • Interviews with management and sales managers.
  • DISC: Profile Test.

On the recomendation design:

  • Management models and business leadership.
  • Remuneration systems to increase proactivity and initiative
  • Geographical Analysis Software by zone.
  • Sales Corridor: Document with the moments of truth in the sales process.

On the implantation:

  • Training projects to boost the agreed changes
  • Business Project Office for driving changes
  • Force Manager: CRM to optimize the productivity of your sales force and perfect management business in your company.
  • Tao pro: game focused to unite the team and achieve goals together.

Process characteristics

Benefits involved for Business

  • Learn from an independent perspective areas for improvement of the organization.
  • Leverage the true commercial potential of the Company.
  • Definition and design of a new comercial model.
  • Provide a modern business model and adapted to market.
  • Analyze the current organizational commercial structure, profile and functions.
  • Achieve greater proactivity and motivation in sales team.
  • Identify the “green pastures” and new fields of commercial uptake (prescription, other channels …).
  • Opening new perspectives for the sales team and drop out the “comfort zone” .
  • Analyze the processes and methodology of the sales manager …
  • Improve the leadership of sales team manager.
  • Design of new sales arguments, sist. Info. Ccial, sales corridor…
  • Establish the latest business methodologies to ensure efficiency.

Other expected results:

  • Ability to design the project so that the team members themselves look commercial partners in the improvement process.
  •  And get an “internal positive revolution” so that teams see that new things can be done despite the “permanent mental uncertainty” that is often installed on Sales Team.

Expected Yeld

Estimated ROI of 130% by its multianual effect.

Verifiable Cases of Success

Steel Sector. 400 employees. Audit of the business situation and assessment of the Team. Construction of a new business model. Reporting process design, portfolio allocation, establishment of a sales corridor. Developing a Project office to ensure that the milestones of implantation were met.

Horeca sector. 60 employees. Analysis of your current business model and definition of the new form of commercial interaction to suit the different channels (Hotels, Great Communities, Public Sector).Zonal reorganization process and redefinition of customer profiles to ensure cost effectiveness.

Electric Material Sector, 80 employees. Construction of the new relationship with the client, in the B2B channel and channel sales through company-owned stores. Definition of reporting mechanisms, syst. Business information, and business relationship. Establishment of a training project to the commercial network and coaching sales managers to improve their skills in their respective roles.


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