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The transformation of the customer journey, whether in prescription sales, pharmacy or industry, where some touch points have been digitised, has meant that the hybrid sales model (face-to-face + digital) has to be integrated into the organisation. In the pharmaceutical sector itself, there is a recycling of sales profiles, tending towards the figure of the MSL (Medical Scientific Liaison).
In the hospital field, it is essential to instil and make patient care profiles aware that they are the gateway to the hospital and that they are dealing with a particularly sensitive profile.

Differentiation from mass-produced products is a major challenge for the cosmetics and perfumery sector, and the direct and retail channels compete in parallel. Constant new trends also require agile processes that facilitate innovation.


• Project to improve internal collaboration between marketing, product design and sales to ensure strategic alignment. Creation of efficient work cells.
• Organisation of a series of seminars focusing on the implementation of hybrid selling within the sales team, both in the pharmacy vertical and in the medical visits vertical. The seminars consisted of theoretical pills and practical webinars previously prepared with their own practical cases that the team had to solve with the help of a trainer.
• Selection and implementation of a sales team of 40 people over a two-year period to ensure the company’s commercial growth. Definition of profiles, skills, etc.

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