• Carrying out projects to strengthen the efficiency, individual development and maturity as a team.

Coaching to middle management

What is it for?

  • To boost the attitude and personal and professional skills of middle management in order for this to lead to guidance for changes and the team.
  • To facilitate alignment of personal values with organizational goals.
  • It favours commitment and satisfaction at work, which leads to an improved working environment, cooperation and internal relations.

What tools are used normally?

  • Advanced Insights Profile: a questionnaire to assess (1) behaviour; (2) values, and; (3) Competences and skills associated with leadership, in order to be aware of strong points and points to be improved and the anchorage between their values and the values required in the management of people.
  • The Coaching Game in order to explore different areas of our lives, to bring enjoyable and special fresh air to the process, to avoid the logic of the client and to broaden its current point of view and work from a creative perspective when the client finds it difficult to express itself on how to be or feels blocked.
  • Wheel of management competences in order to explore the current status of the different management competences in the initial stage of coaching: communication, decision-making, results, risk assumption, team development, customer service, time management, change management.
  • Examination questionnaires prior to the coaching session in order to know professional, personal and value-based aspects of leaders.
  • Performance assessment questionnaire in order to identify the skills and/or qualities required for leadership.
  • Books, articles, blog posts in order to go into depth on specific aspects that may be worked on during coaching sessions.
  • Monitoring tools in order to assess the progress of tasks session by session and to monitor specific actions. This is useful as a road map on which the client may self-assets its performance.

Characteristics of the process 

Benefits implied for the Company

  • Process of between 8 and 12 sessions of approximately 60 mins.
  • Adaptation to the characteristics and to the change project of the person.
  • Coaches certified by the ICF or with more than 100 hours of coaching experience.
  • Professionalism and deep knowledge of coaching processes.
  • It is confidential and is within the framework of a safe environment.
  • The coachee trusts in the coach and crucial aspects for the company are worked on.
  • Creation of the self-awareness of the current status of the executive and its ideal status and of the way they interact with their team.
  • The generation of change processes beyond the executives themselves that will have an impact on their team.
  • It allows for current areas of personal and professional development to be identified.
  • Concentration on aspects that have an impact on the results of the organization.
  • It allows for self-awareness of values and how these are fundamental in order to integrate them professionally.
  • Knowing the values of the coachee for the organization to be able to integrate them and achieve greater commitment by the executive.

Other results expected

It facilitates the development of the potential of collaborators and the achievement of individual and collective goals.

Profitability expected

ROI estimated at 70%.

3 verifiable cases of success

  • Cosmetics Sector. 50 employees. Coaching for 4 regional sales managers in Spain.
  • Iron and Steel works Sector. 150 employees. Coaching for the Commercial Management. Development of an improved relationship and interaction with management, in order to ensure greater team work with the latter. Creation of the desire to change on the basis of the conjunction of values.
  • Individual coaching. Outplacement coaching. Process of accompaniment for executives unrelated to a company in order to identify their areas for improvement and their vocational elements, in order to guide them towards a successful active search for work.


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